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Q. I have received a Notice in the mail with a photograph of my car stating that I do not have insurance. What action am I supposed to take?

The notice is sent by Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion (UVED) Program. It is not sent by OKIVS. Please go the UVED website (https://www.uved.org) and follow the instructions provided on that website.

Q. I have insurance but the website says that insurance was not confirmed for my vehicle. Why is that?

Insurance may not be confirmed for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a commercial insurance policy. The OKIVS website does not cover commercial insurance policies.
  • You have a policy that is issued outside the State of Oklahoma. The OKIVS website does not cover out-of-state policies.
  • You have a newly purchased vehicle. If you purchased a new vehicle, please contact your insurance company to get the vehicle added to your policy. Please check the website two weeks after adding the vehicle to your insurance policy to ensure that your insurance is getting confirmed by the website. If insurance is still Unconfirmed, please contact your insurance company.
  • You have a new insurance policy. If you obtained your policy within the last two weeks, please try to verify your insurance again in one week. If the website, still says the insurance is not confirmed, please contact your insurance company.
  • There is a mismatch between your insurance VIN and the registration VIN. Please compare the VIN on your registration card and insurance policy. If there is a mismatch, please contact your insurance company.
  • If none of the above scenarios apply to you, please contact your insurance company to verify that they are reporting your vehicle and policy to OKIVS.
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